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 Bosch Power Tools-Bosch Tools is a manufacturer of power tools and accessories for the construction industries.  We offer a full line of roto-hammers, bits, grinders, and measuring tools.

Simpson Stong-Tie-Simpson Strong-Tie offers a full line of anchoring and fastening systems.  Stocking items include Epoxy and Adhesive anchors, mechanical anchors and powder actuated fasteners and shot. 

 SpecChem-SpecChem supplies and services the concrete distributor network with quality construction chemicals that provide performance and value to the industry. SpecChem emphasizes distributor profitability through innovative programs and quality products with a new and higher level of service that our customers deserve in today’s marketplace.

 Husqvarna Construction-Husqvarna Construction Products is a manufacturer of diamond sawing and coring products.  They have walk behind saws, handheld saws, diamond core drills, and concrete chain saws.  Husqvarna also recently purchased Soff-Cut, an early entry saw.  We stock various sizes of blades for many of their different saws.  To ensure you get the maximum life out of a blade, the diamond matrix and bond on the diamond blades is configured for our region, which has the hardest aggregate.

 ICS Concrete Saws- ICS is an industry leader in Diamond Chain technology.  Currently, ICS is manufacturing both gas powered and hydraulic concrete cutting chainsaws.  We stock common chain and bar sizes along with repair parts.

 Diamond Products-Diamond Products is one of the leading manufacturers of diamond sawing and coring products.  They make diamond blades for every type of application used in the field whether it be asphalt cutting to concrete cutting and coring to cutting of metal.  There are many different sizes and types blades in stock at our store.

 Multiquip-Multiquip is a supplier of many different tools for the construction field.  They handle everything from soil compactors to screeding machines to power trowels.  Multiquip also has generators, welders, light towers, and mixers.  We currently stock multiple sizes of power trowels, vibratory screeds and boards, and also water pumps.

Bartell Morrison-Bartell Morrison is a leading manufacturer of vibratory truss screeds along with other equipment.  You can order a truss screed up to 50' in length.  The truss screeds are aluminum to help with weight issues in the field.

 Hanes Geo Components-Hanes Geo handles many different geotextiles, geogrids, and erosion control materials.  Currently we carry both woven and nonwoven geotextiles, straw wattles and blankets, and silt fence.

 Sonotube-Sonotube is a manufacturer of column tube forming.  They make tube for both residential and commercial applications.  We stock sizes ranging from 8" to 36" in diameter.

 EMI Construction Supplies-EMI manufactures the steel-ply concrete forms that we stock.  EMI also produces various lengths of form ties and concrete accessories.  We currently stock the 4' filler panels and many different lengths of form ties.

 Duraform Concrete Forms-Duraform is one of the leading makers of the 1-1/8" plywood forming system.  We here at Con-Mat Supply stock many different lengths of form ties and the hardware for the forms.

 Dee Concrete Forms-Dee Concrete Forms specializes in curb and gutter forms along with forms for flatwork.  Dee also manufactures cold-rolled steel forming stakes.  The advantage of the cold-rolled over hot-rolled is that the cold-rolled will not mushroom the top of the stake as quickly.  We stock the different lengths of steel stakes ranging from 12" to 36".

 Gates Concrete Forms-Gates is a manufacturer specializing in different types of forming hardware and form ties.  We stock both the Button head ties along with the Cam-Lock systems and EZ Breakback Ties.

Dayton Superior-Dayton Superior is the leading North American provider of nonresidential concrete construction accessory, chemical, forming, & paving products.  Here at Con-Mat Supply we stock many different grouts, form releases, sealers, and forming accessories.
 Benchmark Foam- Benchmark Foam produces ICF's, expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) and underslab insulation for heated flooring.  The benefit of Benchmark Foam's insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's) is the storage capabilities allowing us to stock enough forms for multiple foundations.  Also, we stock the Thermo-Snap underslab insulation for heated flooring systems.

 DiversiFoam-DiversiFoam manufactures extruded polystyrene insulation with multiple densities.  We have sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2" in stock.

 Polydrain-Polydrain is a trench drain made from high quality polymer concrete.  It comes in various widths and depths but we stock the most common 6" wide channels.  We also stock different catch basins depending on your application needs.

 Kraft Tool-Kraft Tool is a supplier of hand tools for almost any type of construction application.  Currently we have many different trowels, floats and other types of hand tools for finishing concrete on the shelves.

 Bon Tool-Bon Tool is a supplier of tools for the construction industry.  We stock various hand tools and other equipment from Bon Tool.

 Bil Jax-Bil Jax is a company specializing in scaffolding.  All the scaffolding is American made.  We stock both the 5'x5' panels and the 5'x3' panels along with planks, casters, and other hardware.

 Brickform-Brickform is a division of Solomon Colors Inc. specializing in the texturing and coloring of new and old concrete.  Brickform makes over 250 different types of stamps and texturing tools.  We stock many different color hardners and releases along with concrete stains.

 Solomon Colors- Solomon Colors is an industry leader in concrete coloring products.  Solomon offers a full line of color for ready mix concrete and masonry units.  Currently we have the dry integral powder in stock and are transitioning to a liquid color system.

 BASF Concrete Admixtures-BASF Admixitures is a company that produces admixtures such as water reducers and air entrainments for your concrete batching needs.

 Fritz Pak-Fritz Pak is an admixture company that has cornered the market for its ease of use.  The advantage of using Fritz Pak products is the premeasured amounts in a water soluable bag.  We stock superplasticizers, set retarders, and set accellerators.

 Southern Metals & Plastics-Southern Metals manufactures pvc waterstops, swellable and non swellable waterstops, and plastic joint materials. 

 Pratt & Lambert Paints-Pratt & Lambert is a Sherwin Williams subsidiary company that manufactures different paints for all your painting needs.  We have interior, exterior, and industrial paints along with deck and siding stains.  We can also custom match colors to suit your needs.
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